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Message from Correspondent

PSR Polytechnic College

Emergence of India as Knowledge super power in the recent years is now being well acknowledged. India's rapid growth could be possible if the rural youth is uplifted, fed them into mainstreams of the development path and establishment of institution of higher learning.

Today, the need has been greater for a skilled workforce across many industries in order to stay competitive in an increasingly global and technological marketplace. In recognition to that, P.S.R. Polytechnic College was founded in the year 2007 with the intention of providing technical knowledge to the rural youth and uplifting them into the nation's building process.

The challenge that we have at hand is the challenge of transforming the engineering education system into a system of nurturing world-class quality in human capital development, mutually with the development of intellectual and knowledge capital to support country's march towards the economic and industrial development.

The P.S.R. Polytechnic College, as a well-known technical institution, was striving its best to impart knowledge and thereby expertise to fulfill the diversified needs of the society.

Consistently commendable performance, constant endeavours to promote research and innovation, earnest effort to have a linkage with industry and community, producing well-disciplined and quality engineering professional are the hall marks of our institution.

Besides, achieving these hall marks will also strive its best to realize its ambition of reaching greater heights and putting higher and technical education on the right path and thereby accelerate the economic and industrial growth and progress of our nation.

I wish to seek your continuous support to make this institution as a "Pavement of Excellence"