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Electrical & Electronics Engineering


PSR Polytechnic College

Electrical And Electronics Engineering forms the basis of all other fields. The Three year diploma in electrical and electronics engineering course was started in the academic year 2007

Electrical And Electronics Engineering is one of the most interesting and the fastest growing field. It deals with generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity and modern electronics. Electrical engineers are much in need due to ever rising electrical energy demands. The department with help of the faculty conducts courses on entrepreneurship development to enable the students to acquire advanced production skills.

To be a place of academic excellence by imparting quality teaching and prepares them for life long engagement in the rapidly changing field of electrical and electronics engineering

Enable the students to become responsible civilized citizen of our country. Equip them with adequate knowledge and skills in the field of electrical and electronics engineering to make them readily employable in industries. Engage them in research activities to become successful entrepreneurs.


Important Theory Courses:

Electric Circuit Theory, Electrical Machines, Electronic Devices and Circuit, Measurements and Instruments, Digital Electronics, Transducers and Signal Conditioners, Generation Transmission and Switchgear, Microcontroller, Electrical Estimation and Energy Auditing, Power System, Operation and Maintenance of Electrical Equipment.


Important Practical Courses:


Computer Aided Electrical Drawing Practical, Microcontroller Practical, Wiring and Winding Practical, Electrical Circuits simulation Practical, Electrical Circuits and Machines Practical, Electronic Devices and Circuits Practical, Electrical Workshop Practical,



  • Social awareness and service is mandatory.
  • Following value added courses are conducted during the vacation period
  • Industrial visits have been arranged to improve the student technical skills.
  • Motivation programs
  • Students are motivated to do mini-projects to acquire practical experience


Relate to Branch: ECE, CSE, IT, E&I,BIO MEDICAL.