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General Rules

PSR Polytechnic College

Personal belongings should be left in the property counter at the entrance to the library. However , no valuable things must be left in the property counter; Library staff shall not be responsible for any loss of valuables.

All Library users are required to enter in the e-Gate kept at the entrance every time when they enter the library. The Library follows open access system. Hence, books taken out of the racks should not be replaced after reference by the users. They should be left on the table and the library staff would replace them.

A Book misplaced is a book lost forever. Replacing books on different location in the rack should be avoided. Such activities are considered as serious offence. Anybody intentionally doing this would be severely punished.

Personal books, Library books already issued, notebooks etc. should not to be taken inside the library. Only loose sheets are allowed inside.

Strict silence should be observed inside the library.

Books will be lent to students only upon producing the Identity Card.

Members are responsible for the books borrowed. Any damage to the books or unwanted marking or scribbling found in the book will attract severe penalty or replacement of the book by the borrower.



All materials except reference books are issued to the members. Materials considered as reference books are Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, Handbooks, Periodicals(bound and loose), and books which are in great demand.

Condition of Borrowing

Students are permitted to borrow 4 books at a time from the Library. Books on loan shall be returned on or before the due date. No remainder will be sent. If a book is not returned on the due date, an overdue charge of rupee one per volume per day shall be levied.

If a book is due for over a month, a notice for its return with overdue charges will be put up in the college notice board. If the book is not returned within seven days after the date of notice, steps will be taken to recover the cost of books plus overdue charges.

Teaching Staff

Each member of staff is eligible for six library books. Normally the period of loan will be three months. However the period of loan can be extended if the books taken by them are not demanded by the other members of staff or students.

Non-Teaching Staff

Each member of non teaching staff is eligible for two library books. The period of loan is one month. Periodicals will not be issued on any account.